Better back swiping with the React Native Navigator

When observing people testing out an React Native iOS app on a phone which uses the Navigator library I noticed that swiping back from a detail screen to an overview screen is a bit hard to acomplish. You have to swipe very close from the edge of the screen to navigate back. When there is a case around the the screen it gets even trickier.

Luckily it is easy to optimize this. The Navigator uses ScreenConfigs to describe screen transitions. Unfortunately I didn’t find much documentation around scene configs but the NavigatorSceneConfigs.js is very descriptive.

To adjust the area where a swipe from the edge should be counted as a back navigation, you can adjust the edgeHitWidth in the gestures part of the scene config.

For example you can create a new SceneConfig which uses the default FloatFromRight scene config and overwrite the edgeHitWidth to be able to swipe anywhere in the left half of the screen.

const SCREEN_WIDTH = require('Dimensions').get('window').width;

 * Overwrite the default navigator scene config.
 * to use a wider area for back swiping.
const FloatFromRight = {
  gestures: {
    pop: {
      edgeHitWidth: SCREEN_WIDTH / 2,

You can use your own scene config in the configureScene callback as a property of the Navigator.

  render() {
    return (
        initialRoute = {...}
        configureScene={() => FloatFromRight}

I recommend diving into the well written NavigatorSceneConfigs.js to find out how you can customize your animations.

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