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Debug Zalando Skipper memory leaks

To find out what memory is leaking exactly, Skipper has an option to enable the go profiling tools (pprof).

How to profile

When running Skipper inside of Kubernetes:

  1. Configure -enable-profile when starting Skipper
  2. Proxy to a Skipper pod kubectl port-forward skipper-ingress-pzx2b 9911:9911
  3. Go to and download a dump full goroutine stack dump, wait a few minutes, and download another dump
  4. Install goroutine-inspect and run it $GOPATH/bin/goroutine-inspect
  5. Make a diff (l = only in original, c = in both, r = in original 2)
    original = load("goroutine.dump")
    original2 = load("goroutine2.dump")
    l, c, r = original.diff(original2)

The content of c is a list of all goroutines that are in both dumps. This means that the goroutine is not cleaned up between the dumps.


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