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Deliberate practice for developers

Deliberate practice applied to my job as a developer and self observed feedback.


  • PHPUnit boiler-plate like setting up dependencies takes a long time
    => Generate this code using a custom command
  • When I don't have a list of ready made tasks, I get out of the flow, looking for what to do next
    => Plan enough tasks that I can work off
  • If I have a task that I don't like to work on, I look for other tasks that I could do instead
    => Prioritize so that I'm forced to take it
  • Running PHPUnit > Manually scrolling up
    => Changed PHPStorm setting but still doesn't work
  • Debugger not setup when testing
    => Configured xdebug only in debug PHPUnit (but sometimes doesn't work)




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These notes are unpolished collections of thoughts, unfinished ideas, and things I want to remember later. In the spirit of learning in public, I'm sharing them here. Have fun exploring, if you want!
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