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How to shape a Neapolitan pizza

Why this technique?

  • Even thick dough
  • Small edge with air pockets

Step by step

  1. Take the dough ball and put both sides into flour
  2. Clean the work surface of excess flour
  3. Using finger tips, press down the middle of the dough. Do not press down the outer edge.
  4. Press down on the sides but inside of the outer edge. Move fingers down and stretch the dough. Then go up through the middle, stretching the dough outwards. Turn the dough around and repeat for 2-3 times.
  5. When the dough gets bigger than a hand, start "fold and throw" to enlarge the pizza dough. Repeat until each side was stretched.

Fold and throw

  1. Flour the right hand slightly. Put the right hand on the right half of the dough.
  2. With the left hand push the left half of the dough over the right hand. The dough might go up the arm. Turn the right hand up side down in the same motion.
  3. Throw the dough back with the right hand.


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