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Rockefeller Habits for scale-ups

The Rockefeller Habits are a checklist of habits to help companies to grow while avoiding chaos due to more people and processes. It is meant to help with executing a company's long term strategy.

The habits are from John D. Rockefeller who used this checklist in his oil refining company about 100 years ago.

The key ideas are for me:

  • Priorities: Focus can be increased by picking a few main goals a year and one goal a month.
  • Data: Goals need to have metrics to determine success or not.
  • Rhythm: Use regular meetings to communicate quickly and accurately.


  1. The executive team is healthy and aligned
  2. Everyone is aligned with the most important thing that needs to be accomplished to move the company forward this quarter
  3. Communication rhythm is established and information moves through the organization quickly
  4. Every facet of the organization has a person assigned with accountability for ensuring goals are mete
  5. Ongoing employee input is collected to identify obstacles and opportunities
  6. Reporting and analytics of customer feedback data is frequent and accurate as financial data
  7. Core values and purpose are "alive" in the organization
  8. Employees can articulate the key components of the company's strategy accurately
  9. All employees can answer quantitatively weather they had a good week
  10. The company's plans and performance are visible to everyone


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