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Scale Kubernetes pods based on domain events

Some Domain events can trigger many users hitting a website. For example when a notification about popular content is sent out to a large amount of devices. When the notifications are sent out, it is already clear that a scale-up is needed. Instead of waiting for users to hit the website and scaling-up then, why not scale before?


Kubernetes has a Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) which is responsible for scaling based on metrics. HPAs can use external metrics to scale.
A condition can be added to the HPA to scale when the average value of a domain metrics is higher than x.
For example:

  • avg(pending_notifications) 0 -> keep replicas as is
  • avg(pending_notifications) 100 -> keep replicas as is
  • avg(pending_notifications) 10000 -> scale up 10 pods

The average per minute will go down eventually, then pods can be scaled down if other conditions allow it.

Domain events

When a notification is sent out, count the number of devices and increase the pending_notifications metric.


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