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Tiger bread rolls recipe

[[Recipe]] for soft fluffy bread rolls with a crunchy topping. Dutch cuisine. Also tijgerbrood or tijgerbol. Hydration 66%.


30g Starter (100% Hydration)
60g Bread Flour
60g Water

🕙 10:00
Combine and store warm.


410g Milk
25g Egg
560g Bread Flour
95g Whole Grain Spelt Flour
15g Salt

🕒 15:00
Heat 450g milk to 82°C so that the protein that interferes with the gluten development breaks down. Some water evaporates, 410g is needed. Leave to cool.

🕓 16:00
Mix egg into the milk. Mix dry ingredients. Add milk mix and levain. Mix and let it rest for 30 min.

🕔 16:45
Stretch and fold 4 times with 30 min rest time in between. After the window test passes, let it rise for ~5h from the first stretch and fold. Rise should be 150%. Put the dough in the fridge over night.

🕗 8:00
Make 12 100g balls. Leave for 15 min, then shape the balls. Let rise for 1,5h.


7 g active dry yeast
100 g lukewarm water
105 g white rice flour
15 g brown sugar
14 g neutral oil
14 g toasted sesame oil
4 g salt

🕙 10:00
Preheat the oven. Mix the toppings

🕥 10:15
Create steam in an oven and bake for 20 min. Internal temperature should be 98°C. Bake at 200°C which is lower than normal to allow for a softer crust.


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