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PHPUnit find slow tests

When optimizing your testsuite it can be handy do find out how long each test takes to run.
It would be nice to have a list of and how many seconds they took, like this:

$ phpunit-report-runtime
0.29307007789612, "VCR\\Util\\SoapClientTest::testDoRequestHookDisabled"
0.16475319862366, "VCR\\CassetteTest::testRecordAndPlaybackRequest"
0.092710018157959, "VCR\\Util\\SoapClientTest::testDoRequest"
0.031861782073975, "VCR\\LibraryHooks\\SoapTest::testShouldInterceptCallWhenEnabled"
0.026772022247314, "VCR\\LibraryHooks\\AbstractFilterTest::testRegisterAlreadyRegistered"

One solution is to write your own test listener and add it to your phpunit.xml.
If you don't like to modify your code, it is possible to parse out the time from PHPUnit's JSON test result. Put the following alias in your shells initialization script (like .bashrc).

alias phpunit-report-runtime="phpunit --log-json php://stdout \
| awk '\$NF ~ '/,/' && \$1 ~ /\"(test|time)\"/' \
| cut -d: -f2- \
| sed \"N;s/\n/--/\" \
| sed \"s/,//\" \
| awk 'BEGIN{FS=\"--\"}; {print \$2 \$1}' | sort -r \
| head -n 5"

Running the alias phpunit-report-runtime in your project prints the top 5 slowest tests with the slowest test at the top.
By changing head -n 5 you can adjust the amount of tests printed.

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